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911 Addresses

At the heart of an enhanced 911 system is the 911 address. Without a valid 911 assigned address, it would be impossible to locate you in the event you became incapacitated or if the connection were lost. Your 911 address tells us where you are calling from. We will still ask you to verify your address if you place a 911 call even though it may appear on our display.

In addition to getting emergency services to you in time of need, a valid address is necessary for many other agencies as well. The U.S. Postal service requires a valid address in order to deliver your mail and even though they do not issue your address, they have guidelines which we must follow such as maintaining sequential order and respecting primary and secondary unit locations.

Before connecting your phone service, the phone company requires that you have a valid 911 address. After all, they are responsible for routing a 911 call from your location to our facility.

Other agencies require a valid 911 address for their maintenance of records, this includes your utility provider, water department, Parish Building Permit Office, Parish Health Department, Assessor's office, Register of Voters and others.

With the enhanced system we are proud to have in Tangipahoa Parish, as soon as you dial the emergency number 911 on a landline telephone, and the call connects, we have your location information even if the connection is severed therefore it is imperative that your information be correct and initially assigned by us.

An address is needed for all structures in Tangipahoa Parish. This includes but is not limited to constructed homes or businesses, mobile homes, temporary shelters, portable buildings. We have assigned addresses to barns, wells, culverts, radio and television transmitting towers and even billboards. If it requires telephone line connection, electrical power connection, or simply for insurance purposes we can provide a 911 address. Multiple structures, even on the same property require a unique individual address.

We do not provide 911 addressing for open land or property. There must be a specific structure of some type. We can however provide you with a general reference address but it will not be kept on file and if it were ever used for a valid structure, it is subject to being changed by our office.

To obtain a 911 address request form, call our office, Monday through Friday and please have ready, the following information about your property:

  • name of the person who this address will be assigned to, and your name if you are the agent for this party.
  • phone number to contact you with any questions and to inform you of your address (we do not leave this information on or with answering machines or services)
  • name of the road this address will be accessed from
  • subdivision lot number or is a present driveway to be used
  • description of any structures already standing or nearby landmarks
  • directions and approximate distance to the property

Most importantly if this is for a new structure, and construction has not yet begun, you are required to mark with a stake or other visible means, as close to the center of the structure as possible. This identifies to us where the address will be issued.

The time needed to process this information is usually only a few days. Please allow 3 to 7 days to be notified of your new address.

Once you have received your 911 address, please post it in a manner that it can be easily seen when approaching from either direction (on both sides of your mailbox or address marker). You should also post your address on the structure. Numbers on your mailbox, marker and structure should be large enough to easily be seen from the road, at least 4” in height. If your structure is not visible from the road, you should post your address near your driveway.

You are not required nor encouraged to put your name on your mailbox or address marker.


Time is critical when relaying address information and directions to emergency response personnel.

The prime directive of Tangipahoa Parish E 911 and the reason it was created is to save lives during emergencies. The addressing system in use is designed to meet all postal requirements of the U.S. Postal Service. E 911 Emergency Numbering addresses has been adopted parish wide as mailing address.

The initial addressing system was accomplished during the early 1990's.