Street Naming

Only those roads maintained by the Tangipahoa Parish Council were and still are, officially named. Naturally there are many more roads in the Parish than these type. Many of the non-Parish maintained roads where historically known by some name, for that matter, the public recognized a "name" for many of the Parish numbered roads. For this reason, the Council determined that it would be most beneficial for emergency services to "name" rather than "number" all roads in the rural Parish.

Today, road naming is governed by the Tangipahoa Parish Council and normally only after a petition signed by all effected occupants, has been secured. It is Tangipahoa Parish E 911's desire to allow the residents or occupants, to derive the name of their road. However, some considerations must be observed.No two roads can have the same name.

Road names should not be too similar, thus creating confusion (eg Sydney Ln, Sydney Dr).

Roads should not have the name of a business unless it is a non public road. Special circumstances must be in place for none public roads to be named and adopted by Tangipahoa Parish E 911.

Unless there is extenuating circumstances, a road must provide access to four or more residents before it can be issued a road name and E 911 addressing.

Tangipahoa Parish E 911 does not determine if the Postal Service will deliver mail on the road you live on. You must contact your Postal carrier or Postmaster of your community to work out the delivery of your mail or how to install your mail receptacle.