Address Ranging

Rural areas:

All addressing is done from the WEST to the EAST or from the SOUTH to the NORTH.
Lowest numbers would either be furthest West or South.
Odd Numbers would be on the West or North side of the road. Even Numbers would be on the East or South side of the road.
West range lines start at the St. Helena/Livingston Parish line (10000) going East to the Washington/St. Tammany Parish line(29000).
South Range lines start at the St. John Parish line (30000) going North to the State line (79000).
The 5-digit address is assigned to a particular structure.
The first 2 digits tell you which range line the address is off of. The Address will always be North or East of the range line. 
The last 3 digits tell you approximately how far off the range line the structure is. If the house address is 10301 Hwy 1045 you should add a zero to the last three digits and know that the house is approximately 3010 feet from the St. Helena Parish line on the North side of the road.

Within city limits contact below:

Amite City—Amite City Hall

Hammond - City of Hammond Building Permits Office

Ponchatoula—Ponchatoula Post Office

Kentwood—Kentwood Post Office